(Purdue University photo/Rebecca Wilcox)

First published: May 15, 2018
URL to original article: https://polytechnic.purdue.edu/newsroom/grant-aid-cgt-professors-research-cryo-electron-microscopy-training

Yingjie “Victor” Chen, associate professor of computer graphics technology, along with professors in the College of Science and the College of Education, received a grant from the National Institutes of Health for research improving training and potential interest in the scientific field of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM).

Victor ChenWen Jiang, professor of biological sciences, and Bill Watson, associate professor of curriculum and instruction, will also participate in the multidisciplinary research. The team is developing CryoVR, a virtual reality system that allows people to learn the intricacies of delicate laboratory instruments like the multimillion-dollar cryo-electron microscope and other not readily available instruments.

“This is really about tactile learning, the hands-on training opportunity,” Chen said of the project, adding the virtual reality program lends itself to a trainee’s muscle memory by allowing the person to handle the machine repeatedly.

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