First published: October 20, 2017
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A significant increase in daily train traffic in Columbus, Indiana, is inspiring Purdue Polytechnic students to create an app and website which could help area drivers avoid congestion on the roads.

Richard Perry and three other Purdue Polytechnic Columbus students are using coding, algorithms, and other tools to develop the app with the goal of notifying commuters exactly when trains will arrive at specific crossings.

“I live right near the railroad tracks, so I get stopped quite often waiting for trains,” Perry said. “It would be helpful to know when one’s coming.”

Still in early development, the students plan to make the app available for free in early 2019. The city hopes residents will take advantage of it, especially since construction of a railroad overpass is not scheduled to begin until 2019.

“It’s clearly a practical application from the real world,” said Dmitri Gusev, associate professor of computer and information technology. “It is a great opportunity for us to learn how to make web apps and do some great work for the benefit of the city.”

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